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Online risk profiling and e-learning

Online risk profiling and e-learning

Fleet Training

RED Fleet Driver Training offers a combination of four straight-forward approaches to risk management:

  • Licence Checking
  • Online risk profiling and e-learning
  • Practical in-car training with a qualified fleet driver trainer
  • Classroom sessions delivered by a qualified fleet driver trainer (FDT)

Company driver training and more

RED Driving School’s online risk profiling and e-learning system enable clients to have their staff trained and assessed in all matters related to best driving practice. The comprehensive course starts by providing a driver risk assessment to build a risk profile of the candidate through four simple stages:

Driving History | Knowledge | Attitude | Skills

Completing this assessment takes around 30 minutes after which the system produces a bespoke package of e-learning modules for each candidate, drawing from 20 different modules covering specific driving-related topics. This process provides bespoke driver safety training.

Certain modules will be designated as ‘compulsory’ for the candidate to complete whilst all the remaining modules are highlighted as being ‘recommended’. Clients can also choose to make particular modules compulsory.

Each module concludes with a short assessment and clients can see which modules have been completed and the attainment via the administrator’s pages.

RED Fleet e-Learning modules

Safety Margins

Journey Planning


Share the Road


Collisions, Breakdowns & Documentation

Mobile Phones

Red Light


Speed Awareness



Attitude & Alertness



Anticipation & Hazzard Awareness

Passing & Overtaking

Road Signs


Eye Scanning


Comprehensive driver safety training that fits you

RED’s risk profiling and e-Learning is a comprehensive package designed to deliver driver risk assessments and meaningful improvements in safety. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with RED’s in-car driver training and assessments.

See how we can help your business

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We can also offer our guidance if you are looking to take your first steps into managing road risk within your organisation.



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Online risk profiling and e-learning