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Driving Licence Check

RED Fleet Driver Training offers a combination of four straight-forward approaches to risk management:


  • Licence Checking
  • Online risk profiling and e-learning
  • Practical in-car training with a qualified fleet driver trainer
  • Classroom sessions delivered by a qualified fleet driver trainer (FDT)
Licence Checking

Driving Licence Checks And The Law

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Why is it so important to carry out regular driving license checks on all your company drivers, contractors and Grey Fleet Drivers?


It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act (1988) for an employer to allow an employee to drive a car or motor vehicle without the correct driving Licence. According to Driving at work, employers should satisfy themselves that drivers are competent and capable. It asks the question: “do you check the validity of the driving licence on recruitment and periodically afterwards?”

Failure to check such entitlement through negligence or lack of knowledge will be no defence in any legal action.

How often should I check an employee’s driving licence?


Driving licence checks should be carried out at least once a year but, since penalty points can accumulate rapidly, it may be advisable to do it more frequently. Some organisations apply a scale so that, for example, those drivers who are three points away from losing their licence have frequent checks while those with no or few points have their checks annually.

What can RED do to help?


Here at RED Fleet Driver Training we can take the hassle away from companies and fleet managers and provide your business with regular licence check reports and alerts for all your company drivers to ensure legal compliance.

  • Validate Licence Holders – check licence type, including driver entitlements and restrictions.
  • Monitor and report on the number of penalty points, disqualifications, illegal drivers.
  • Regular licence alerts can be sent to include: licence expired, licence revoked, penalty points incurred so you can monitor and take appropriate steps to manage the operational efficiency of your fleet.

Remember, it may be tempting to use information directly from an employee’s file, such as their National Insurance number or driving licence details, in order to access the information. However, this action is in breach of the GDPR requirements of the DVLA and information should only be accessed with the driver’s documented permission.