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Our range of interesting and meaningful modules are written by experts and provide real-world practical advice bespoke to each driver.

Our modules are a very cost-effective way of delivering and reminding drivers of skills learnt in-vehicle and as part of our Driver Risk Management Programme to deliver relevant content and to assist with driver engagement. Modules are delivered quarterly to all drivers as part of an ongoing programme to keep driver safety front of mind. RED can also create and produce bespoke ‘client specific’ modules if required.

The E-Learner modules are regularly updated and added to, keeping the programme both fresh and relevant. When taken as part of the Driver Risk Management (DRM) programme the number and period at which they are delivered is selected by the client at the outset (although this can be altered at any time). The default setting is to deliver 1 module every quarter and the order is selected by the driver during their Driver Profiler (ADP) completion (this can be over-ridden). Each module takes between 5-10 minutes to complete and consists of about 5 screens of information followed by 5 questions. The module is not scored however, the questions being present to encourage drivers to read properly the information provided. Deliberately, there is no flash or moving footage so as to be compatible with all computer systems however static images are utilised.

Current Modules

E Learner Modules


Where taken as part of one of the DRM packages, the e-learner modules are free of charge.

For individual modules taken outside of this there is a charge of £6.50. Both of these options are payable in advance, ex VAT and modules are selected by the driver or client as appropriate e-learner modules are required.

Whilst every effort has been put into creating interesting and engaging e-learner modules it should be remembered that these modules are not designed to replace practical driver training, they never have been and will never be capable of doing so. They have been designed to try and engage with drivers, encourage them to take more responsibility and where taken as part of the DRM package to provide a regular reminder to drivers of their responsibilities!