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Driver Profiler

The RED Driver Profile is each driver’s entry to all of our Driver Risk Management programmes and is completed by all drivers. It provides the driver with their base score for the ongoing Live Risk Score and helps to set their bespoke ongoing training programme.

The profile also forms part of the pre-course briefing that our in-vehicle trainers give and is stored on each individual’s portal alongside the relevant training records, reports, certificates.


The on-line Driver Risk Management (DRM) programme is designed to be most effective when taken as a whole, however we fully understand that some clients wish to dip in andout and select the various elements as suits their business best. As such, all of the elements can be selected individually providing both a fully flexible and an affordable programme for all.


When taken as part of the RED Driver Risk Management (DRM) programme the RED Driver Profile is the entry point into the system for all drivers and, as the name suggests, creates the individual driver’s profile. The Driver Profile is regularly updated to ensure that the programme is kept both fresh and relevant. Invitations are sent via e-mail, either directly to drivers or via line managers for those drivers with no e-mail address. On receipt, drivers simply click the link on the e-mail and select a password; this then leads them directly into their Driver Profile which takes around 10 minutes to complete. Drivers are asked to provide a variety of data about themselves and their driving history before being asked 5 ‘scenario’ based questions. All data is held securely and complies with all Data Protection legislation and is registered with ICO. Following the ‘scenario’ based questions, drivers are presented with the opportunity to ‘order’ E-Learner modules which they deem to be most appropriate to them.


The standard Driver Profile itself is scored to a maximum of 40 points (high being good) however, all question outputs are flexible and questions can be added/removed from the scoring system as required. The system does not generate a High, Medium or Low Risk rating but by comparing the data of a specific groups’ score each Company/Division can determine those that have scored lowest and may require further intervention/assistance. In short we encourage clients to develop their own parameters as in some fleets 27 is average and in others average is 33! For those that do not want a score the scoring system can also be switched off/or hidden as indeed can the Driver Profiler completion e-mail. More recently, we have introduced a ‘live risk score’ which, in addition to the points available from the Driver Profiler completion can also take into account other inputs such as accident or offences data, telematics and other training inputs (such as e-learner completion, practical on road training, workshop attendances etc.) both individual drivers and administrators can view their live risk scores at any time and can be added to the parameters clients employ to identify existing or additional training inputs.

RED Driver Profiler

For those drivers that drive their own cars for business there is also a Grey Fleet application that can
be switched on as part of the RDP. This asks drivers to provide details about their vehicle, insurance,
MOT and Tax and subsequently sends reminders when these elements are due for renewal.

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When purchasing the RDP, the extensive but simple-to-use data management system is available
free of charge to those administrators identified via a password protected portal. This system
provides a wide range of on line reports as well as a download facility which provides live 24/7
access to all data. In turn this allows for those drivers that may require additional training to be
identified and as importantly in which area ensuring that available budgets are well spent and all
training is correctly tailored and targeted.

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Whilst the RDP works best as part of the DRM system it can also be used as a
standalone product. The RDP is a great way of deciding which of your Company drivers should
qualify for a Driver of the Year competition or as a pre-employment tool as part of the interview
process. The RDP also comes free of charge where E-Learner modules are purchased in isolation or
when booking many of the practical driver training products.

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