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VPS Case Study

RED DRM Ltd was employed to deliver a suite of driver training products to VPS, a leading service provider for the protection of people, property, and assets on a temporary or emergency basis.

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Previous Driver Influenced Costs stood at £95,775.92
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Driver Influenced Costs were reduced to just £39,305.69
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Total saving of £57,470.23
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59% reduction in Driver Influenced Costs
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About the client

VPS is a leading service provider for the protection of people, property, and assets on a temporary or emergency basis. It leads the European vacant property services market, providing a full suite of specialist solutions across the complete property lifecycle, as well as offering a wide range of Property Services for occupied property from locks and glazing to grounds services and remote site security.

Activities cover security solutions (including our award-winning SmartAlarm® product range, CCTV, steel screens, manned guarding and live-in guardians), and property management (clearing, cleaning, waste disposal, maintenance, and grounds services).

Key customers include social housing organisations and wide range of commercial customers, such as property managers, retailers, industrial, construction and infrastructure companies. VPS has a national network of 20 depots in the UK and operations across mainland Europe including France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy.

VPS has more than 1,800 employees, with 1250 based in the UK.

There are 600 fleet vehicles used by employees, and the Finance Director recognised that there were vehicle accidents taking place and not only was this first and foremost an issue of personal safety, but it cost the company financially as well.
They decided to implement a solution with the help of RED DRM Ltd to make their drivers safer on the roads.

The challenges

RED DRM faced a number of challenges and tailored the approach to suit the client specifically. Some of the challenges faced include:

  • A high incidence of accidents
  • Poor level of personal safety
  • Financial implications to the company
  • A large number of fleet users to train
  • Wanted to see measurable results within 2 years

The solution for VPS

VPS currently employs 941 drivers; all drivers were risk profiled using the RED DRM driver profiler tool, and licence checked directly with DVLA by RED DRM, which gave VPS a basis to implement RED DRM’s LRS ‘Live Risk Score’ system.

The Live Risk Score starts with the driver profiler and then takes live feeds from, DVLA Licence checking, fleet maintenance, accident management, penalty notices and other third parties to give a real-time, robust and accurate LRS figure for each driver. Drivers are also credited when completing positive actions such as E Learners and driver training.

All drivers received as standard, but bespoke to them, the E Learner program, being sent 1 each quarter to complete. In addition to the driver profiler all drivers were invited electronically, to complete the DWBP (Driver Wellbeing Profiler) which is a self-managed stress and resiliency tool specifically aimed to reduce fatigue and increase resiliency and general well-being.

All grey fleet records were also recorded on the easily implemented and single platform RED DRM dashboard, enabling quick overview facility and accessible Management reports.

Client Feedback

I would like to say that I was feeling a little nervous before the start, but the trainer made me feel so relaxed and at ease that I actually enjoyed the driver training. He explained everything to me very clearly and a few questions that I thought were stupid to ask Mike assured me that they were not and as I said he took the time to explain everything to me which has helped me a lot not just for work but when I am driving in general. This has boosted my confidence which has a big effect in many ways where safety is concerned. I am glad now that I have done this training and would like to thank Mike Jack for his time and putting his trust in me. Very Professional. Excellent Trainer.

I found the course useful and ended up driving in a more efficient manner saving 17% on fuel!’ – I must admit I was somewhat apprehensive about the training, mainly as I don’t really enjoy driving all that much. The trainer immediately put me at ease, with his friendly, down-to-earth yet professional manner and I found that I actually wanted to listen to what advice and pointers he had for me. I now feel that I am a more educated driver and will work on the minor improvements the trainer has alluded to in his report. Keep up the good work!