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Fuel Save Case Study

Save money, save time, save the planet


One of the main drivers behind driver training since the 1980’s has been saving money, but we so often hear as the main objection to training, “We can’t get the budget to do it!” Either that or industry opponents to driver training trotting out that you “shouldn’t train everyone, do a risk assessment first.” Well, let’s shoot all of that out of the water with some facts.

The Facts

In the first 5 months of 2018 RED Training has submitted monthly data to the Energy Savings Trust, EST, about Automotional driver training courses that included Fuelsave training: to a range of clients.

This auditable data shows the following key facts

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409 drivers were trained, in cars, light commercials and even some proper trucks
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The average Fuelsave figure across this 409 is 11.3%
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The decrease in journey times was 3.6%
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Overwhelmingly positive engagement from drivers

The Savings

We are basing the below savings on a vehicle doing 30,000 miles per annum, at 35mpg with fuel costing £1.10 (ex-Vat) working a 40-hour week; in other words, a pretty standard white van. The Financial saving equates to an annual saving per vehicle of £4,843 or £93 per week.

Drivers agree that the new driving style is more relaxing but often state that they do not have time to drive like that as they have too much to do in a short space of time, i.e., they are under pressure! However, when they find out that they have increased their average mph by 3.6% by driving in a fuel-efficient manner they pretty much roll over! This saving equates to 75 hours saved per year, per driver, or a saving of 1.5 hours each week. How many extra parcels?

If it’s the Planet that concerns you then the amount CO2 savings based on the above scenario is 9,752 tonnes CO2 saved per year; definitely not to be sniffed at!

The Cost

A half day’s driver training is around £165 so with these results you will recoup the cost of training in fuel savings alone in just 2 weeks and after that you are making money. Then there is less crashes, less damage, less stressed drivers, reduced vehicle maintenance and free Duty of Care!


So, it’s new excuse time everyone, however we’ve been around now for coming up for 40 years, so it had better be a good one; we’ve probably heard it before and if we haven’t already got the answer, we’ll find one to suit PDQ!