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Driving in Wet Weather Conditions

The final video instalment of our new Test Tips series is now live! This episode focuses on all the tips you’ll need to tackle wet weather. The UK is famous for its wet weather and driving in these conditions requires a little more attention and care. Make sure you master driving in the rain with […]

When and where to practice manoeuvres

The fourth video in our new Test Tips series is now live. This video focuses on helping you perfect all your manoeuvres in time for your test. It’s vital to practice all of the manoeuvres before the big day, but when and where is the best place to practice? Take a look at Dave’s Test […]

How to Overtake Safely

The third instalment in our new Test Tips series is now live. This video focuses on helping you to overtake safely and RED Driving Instructor Dave offers some useful tips. Overtaking can seem scary to a learner driver and it’s very important to know what you are doing before you attempt it. Dave will talk […]

Parallel Parking Made Easy

The second video in our Test Tips series is now live. This video focuses on helping you parallel park with ease. Feeling nervous about this manoeuvre coming up in your test? After watching these top tips from RED, you’ll be parallel parking with no problem! The series can also be found on our YouTube channel and […]

How to Boss Independent Driving

The first video in our Test Tips series is now live. It focuses on the independent drive which will make up half of the driving test: whether that’s asking you to follow road signs or a sat nav. Check out Dave’s top tips for bossing independent driving, with the first video in our brand-new weekly […]

RED Driving School ramps up fleet driver training

  RED Driving School has expanded its suite of fleet driver training services to provide a no nonsense and crystal-clear approach to managing road risk and now has a full service to meet the needs of all companies. As one of the UK’s largest driving schools, RED is pleased to offer its comprehensive training to […]

Newly qualified drivers reveal their experience of learning to drive

Car insurance provider ingenie recently polled its community of young drivers on what they think about their learning experience now that they’ve passed their test, revealing some interesting results. The hardest part about learning to drive We asked what they thought was the most difficult aspect of learning to drive and perhaps unsurprisingly, 42% said […]

Ever wondered about the best time to take your driving test?

This week, launched an interactive calendar to help learners pick the best day to book their driving test. This is good news for anyone getting behind the wheel this month as it has been revealed that August is the best month to take your test! The calendar is based on research from and […]

Should learner drivers be taught ‘how to avoid potholes’ in their driving test?

There was a call on the government this week to include the spotting of potholes to be included in the hazard perception test for learners, and one of our driving instructors, Dave Dunsford, has been chatting with BBC Radio 4 presenter Jonny Dymond, about his view on ‘The Pothole Challenge’. You can listen to the […]

Drone police

Sadly, RED can’t force other drivers to be responsible on the roads, but …. We do want to reduce stressful driving situations by encouraging awareness and patience on the roads! That’s why RED will be introducing a fleet of drones to help tackle the harassment of learner drivers on the road. They will follow learners […]

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