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It’s all too easy to do it…a text or call comes in, and even the best drivers amongst us have been tempted to sneak a glance at the traffic lights. However fleeting, handheld mobile phone use is incredibly dangerous – not to mention illegal – which is why we are backing two new campaigns standing […]


The BBC reported that this week, police forces across England and Wales will be conducting a week-long crackdown on road users found to be using their mobile phones. This comes alongside plans to increase penalty points and fines for those caught using a handset at the wheel. RED Driving School CEO Ian McIntosh says on […]

Drug Drivers Need to Think Again

Brake, the road safety charity, have released some alarming statistics on drug driving that suggest as many as one million UK drivers may have driven while on drugs in the past year. Three in 10 drivers also admitted that they wouldn’t always speak out to stop a friend driving on drugs. These findings are very […]

A shame for foreign-language learners, Ian McIntosh comments

Here at RED we are proud of our school’s the diversity, we’ve taught men and women from across the world to drive safely and pass the UK driving test for as long as anyone can remember. Since 2000, it’s been possible to take the practical and theory tests in up to 19 different languages, as […]

Get your FREE 2014 ADI Standards guide from RED

From the beginning of April 2014 a new ADI Standards Check comes into use, and RED are here to help. We’ve produced a FREE guide to the new Standards Check for RED instructors. Our guide explains the Standards Check in more detail, including how you should be preparing for it. The aim of the Standards Check […]

Female drivers penalized under EU law

Although our customers’ main objective is to gain their driving licence, here at RED, we are developing our training methods to enhance and promote safe driving. Following the December changes to EU gender equality legislation Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School commented on the situation: “Price comparison website has recently released statistics which, […]

Government takes action against drug drivers

Alcohol and drugs contribute to the shocking figures I mentioned in my first blog post on road safety. We are anticipating a government announcement today that they plan to install a device at every police station across the country within two years, which can detect if motorists have been driving with illegal drugs in their […]

RED Driving School  /  Stories  /  Driving Law