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Huntingdonshire College, equipping students’ with driving skills

RED Driving School are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Huntingdonshire Regional College. As part of the college’s employability…

Stuart Sharp

In the RED driving seat: Stuart Sharp

In the RED driving seat this month is North East based driving instructor Stuart Sharp. • In your opinion, what…

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Could you be facing driving restrictions?

Currently, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is proposing that young people should spend at least a year learning to drive. The…

Car tax discs

Could road tax be facing the axe?

Currently, cars on UK roads pay a tax based on their carbon emissions. So what happens when the UK population…

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We’re partnering with RAC, find out how you can benefit now!

RAC has over 7 million members and has been around since 1897. This is why we are proud to announce that…

anthony fuller

In the RED driving seat: Anthony Fuller

In the RED driving seat this month is York based driving instructor Anthony Fuller. Anthony is a retired police officer, teaches…

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Get ahead with MyRED…learning to drive has just got a whole lot easier….

Great news!!! We have recently launched MyRED, your own mini RED diary where you can buy, book and manage your…

Stuart Walker

In the RED driving seat: Stuart Walker

Today, we are launching our new blog feature: in the RED driving seat. Each month, we will be grilling our driving…

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There are currently emails being sent from, what appears to be, the DVLA, asking you to verify your licence. These…

Eating and driving

Driven to Distraction

Over on this side of the Atlantic, you may have missed it, but this week, ‘the greatest show on earth’…

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