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2nd August 2012

Low cost, low risk learner driver insurance

Here at RED, we know that being taught driving skills from qualified instructors is just as important as having the opportunity to practice driving outside of tuition time. Indeed, The Driving Standards Agency recommends that in addition to the lessons with your instructor, you should also practice for at least 20 hours privately.

Now, those of you who have already made a start with this will know that persuading your parent, guardian, big sister or cousin to practice in their car is hard enough, but then you have to worry about insurance on top.

RED Driving School Car Bonnet

That’s why RED has teamed up with Provisional Marmalade to give you a helping hand. Through partnering with the insurance provider, we have created a policy designed to simplify the insurance process for learner drivers.

RED Marmalade provides a low cost, low risk way of insuring young drivers on a family or friend’s car, which will allow them to practice the technical skills learnt from their RED instructor.

With RED Marmalade, insurance can be taken out on a month-by-month basis rather than annually. This is also a separate policy to the one belonging to the car owner, which means there is no risk to any no-claims discounts and, should an accident happen, it is against the RED Marmalade policy and not an existing, long-term one.

We have provided an example below of the money saving benefits that a RED Marmalade policy can provide.

The following prices are based on a 17 year old learner driver, practicing in a Nissan Micra:

As you can see, RED Marmalade will allow you to learn in a family or friend’s car in a low cost, low risk way. It might be worth sending this to your mum, dad, best friend or cousin as it just might help in getting you insured on their car so that you can practice in your own time. As we all know, practice makes perfect!